Monday, May 7, 2007

New Channels and Forum Available

Recently TeacherTube made four new channels to assist members in more specifically designating videos for audiences. Now when uploading a video, members can select channels for Elementary, Middle School, High School, or College/University. This will assist visitors and members when searching videos for instructional level. You can still select up to three channels, so for example if you upload a video on reading instruction for K-2, you could select both Reading and Elementary channels.

Also, now members have a forum for discussing TeacherTube questions, tips, problems, etc. It's located in the TeacherTube group. You must join the group to make posts or comments. To start a new topic, enter your topic into the Add New Topic window and click Add Topic. To comment on a previously posted topic, click on the Topic from the main group page and then enter your comments in the Add New Topic window on the topic page. (Maybe that needs to be worded as Add New Comment here instead of Add New Topic. I'll see if we can get that changed.) So please join the group and post your hints, tips, questions, comments, problems, etc.


daveb said...

what really REALLY screwed me up was the "topic" label when videos have "comment on this video:"

I thought that entering something in that box would add yet another topic with no content.

I see what's happening now but changing to "add comment" would be a good idea. Or "reply"

in the top level of the teachertube forum - how about having a subject line and text box on the one page rather than creating a topic then having to go into it to add the comment?

Jodie said...

We've changed the term "add topic" to "add comment" to guide users who wish to add a comment to a specific topic. I think this will help.