Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meeting Learners Where They Are

Live from NECC 2007...

I'm in the TeacherTube booth in the exhibit hall of the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. This place is HUGE! So many can one get through it all in just a few days? The place is filled with the sounds of forklifts driving around (and beeping when in reverse) and tools building elaborate exhibits. Tomorrow the hall will be filled with excited attendees looking at the latest and greatest in educational technology offerings.

At NECC, TeacherTube is announcing the launch of TeacherTube Onsite, a way for school systems to meet students where they are -- which is in the digital, read/write, web 2.0 environment. Follow the link for more details about TeacherTube Onsite.

If you haven't seen the When I Grow Up.... video posted by mjohnson, please check it by following the link or watch below. It really supports the same message TeacherTube is promoting. Member Dragon09 conveys the message with this comment to the video:

Posted by: Dragon09 : Videos(2) Favorites(0) Friends(3) (23 days ago)
This is another example of the power of Web 2.0 to fuel the ongoing debate as to why we, as educators need to step up to the plate, take our kids futures in OUR hands and help them prepare for in as best we are able. Thx


Anonymous said...

This is Matt Johnson that created the When I Grow Up... video. Thanks for the supportive comments.

I am amazed at the speed of technology and the way that it so quickly ties people and groups together. It is exciting to see what our kiddos are doing in schools and how the transference of their tech skills plays out in the classroom. Most are aspiring directors, actors, musicians, writers, etc... and the new vision of "online" has really given them a voice.

Again, thanks for the kind comment. I look forward to finishing a few other things up my sleeve.

Alouicous said...

Hi Jodi
I was very excited to see your post. I too was at NECC and I am a big supporter of TeacherTube. I'm at the Sacramento County Office of Education and we are planning a training for teachers using video blogging. We would like to have them post their educational videos to TeacherTube and then embed them into BlosSpot or WordPress. I see that you have successfully embedded a video into this post, I was hoping you could give me some instruction. I tried to paste the embed code but got an error about an empty tag. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! I hope we can continue to build a relationship between our office and TeacherTube.

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Jodi - has anyone esle remarked about embedded teachertube video's crashing web browsers?? If so I would be grateful for any information.
Paul Harrington

Jodie said...

Mr Harrington,

There have been some reports of crashing on Macs. Adam advises updated the latest Flash Player at