Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Laptop Winner!

Congratulations to member Starcross42 for winning September's Laptop Contest! Starcross42, also known as Dr. Thomas Altman, has over 20 videos posted to TeacherTube. His speciality is science, and his videos show principles of math and physics in action in the real world -- including such areas as golf, drag racing, baseball, and music. One of our friends told me that he had been watching some of Dr. Altman's TeacherTube videos with his young daughter, after which she commented, "When I go to high school, I want Dr. Altman to be my teacher!" What a compliment!! Be sure to check out Starcross42's, aka Dr. Altman's, video album. I've embedded my favorite below.

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Anonymous said...

nice video =)