Thursday, March 29, 2007

Embedding and Linking TeacherTube Videos

One nice feature of TeacherTube is the embedding capability. It's designed to work with Friendster, eBay, Blogger, and MySpace, but we're finding it works with other apps as well. I successfully embedded one of my TeacherTube videos into my TeacherWeb site. It was really easy. (For all the TeacherWeb users, here's a link to the how-to video.) If you have trouble embedding in your wiki, you can download the code in the Help section. Please post comments if you've found it working in other applications not mentioned here.

Another option is linking to the video through the URL. Again, it's a simple copy and paste task. (Just like I linked to the TeacherWeb video above.) One district is uploading videos to a private group in TeacherTube and linking the URLS to their digital curriculum and lesson planning software. They can link videos of instructional strategies being modeled into their professional development section and also link instructional videos to use with students to standards located in the scope and sequence. A great deal for the district to not have to host all those videos but still have access to them anytime, anywhere.

I encourage readers to share ideas they have about embedding and linking TeacherTube videos.


Miguel said...

What about downloading the source video for offline use?

Miguel Guhlin
Around the

Jodie said...


Please see the April 7th entry announcing the Download feature.


tcoffey said...

Would love to be able to embed video in WordPress. I've been following some communication from you all and james at Edublogs. I really hope you can make that work!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to embed the videos on wordpress. Will this feature be enabled or should I start looking to blog elsewhere?

Jodie said...

As my technical knowledge is limited, I don't know why TeacherTube embed code doesn't work with wordpress. I'll talk to Adam. Maybe wordpress users will figure out a way for it to work and share the how-to. We had the same issue with pmwiki, but someone figured it out and posted the instructions on a pmwiki users site.

Jodie said...

We think we have the wordpress embedding figured out. Adam has posted this in our Help section:

"Q: How can I embed a video for my Edublogs/WordPress blog?

A: Here are some steps:

1. Copy link provided under "Edublogs/WordPress Embeddable:" within the selected video viewing page.
2. Go to your Edublogs/WordPress "edit" page.
3. Select "Code".
4. Select "Media".
5. Paste the url that you copied from TeacherTube and press OK.

That's it! Contact us if you need help.

Note: TeacherTube provides the ability to embed videos to your website/blog for personal or classroom educational use only, provided you give a link back to TeacherTube in any presentation, website, or other form of media in which the embedded video is included and give credit to the author of the video."