Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why Use Video in Education?

TeacherTube users know the power of video in education: Engaged Learning! But where's the research? NCLB is all about research based practices, right? Thanks go out to TeacherTube community member Anne Bubnic ( for pointing us to the current research. The following article references are posted on the The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) Region IV math project site:

Scientific Research Indicates that Using Video in the Classroom Improves Learning

Using Video in the Classroom - There is substantial research promoting the use of video in the classroom as a dynamic resource for supporting curricula.

Video Goes to School – a 3-part series at

KQED – using video effectively -

Why It Works - a series of papers & research studies from United Streaming.

The research confirms the power of video in teaching and learning. But TeacherTube users, we want to hear specific examples of how you are using video. Please share your success stories!

TeacherTube Site Update: We've added a new channel for student created videos. We thought these deserved their own spot so teachers and learners could get ideas of what students have done. Please post student products in this channel.

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