Monday, March 26, 2007

TeacherTube Update

Finally got the blog going! Yea!


Thanks to all who have visited TeacherTube and especially to those who have become members and uploaded videos. Some stats:
  • We launched on March 6. That day we had 10 unique visitors.
  • Yesterday, March 25, we had 1,036 unique visitors.
  • We've had visits from 59 countries.

What I Learned From TeacherTube Today

The Carol Morgan teachers taught me how to implement Literature Circles . As a language arts teacher, this video really resonated with me. It's a quick professional development video -- a concise how-to on literature circles. I needed this information and I know other teachers I work with will use it. I'd like to add it to the professional development video section of my district's online curriculum database. I love how they explained the strategy and roles and then modeled it. Model, model, model is my mantra for the classroom. Seeing how the "students" went back into the text for evidence sent chills up this English teacher's spine!!

You're invited to share what you have learned from TeacherTube.


Bob said...

Jodie, I discovered your site on the weekend and am impressed at the way it seems to be growing. I was working with some developmentally challenged boys today with the objective of encourage them to produce some videos and post them. YouTube was the option I had for if and when we get the projects completed. Your site has offered another option, with the teacher and student in mind.

One issue I have with the site is that there is a lot of buffering of the video and so I get numerous dropouts and have to be very patient in order to get through many of the videos.

I note from your comment in David Warlick's blog entry regarding TeacherTube that you are not the techie in this three person project, so I wonder if you would pass this comment on to your brother-in-law.

Cheers... Bob

Dale Ehrhart said...

This sight is fantastic and I've been telling as many teachers about it as possible.

You may want to let the community know that the blog is active.

Jodie said...


Thanks for the comments. I'll let Adam know about the buffering issue and see if he can help. I look forward to seeing the videos your students create -- such a great way for students to show learning for an authentic audience.


Jodie said...


Thanks for being part of the TeacherTube community and spreading the word. I appreciate your advice -- I'll work to get the blog out more widely read.


Adam said...


To answer your question about the buffering, we updated our server last night and the site should be operating at a faster speed today.
If you have any other questions or it's still giving you problems, email me at