Saturday, March 31, 2007

TeacherTube Notes

A few TeacherTube items to note:

  • The TeacherTube Laptop Contest begins tomorrow, April 1st. Check out the details.
  • Video upload file size is now unlimited! The Help page advises: "Just remember to set your computer's screen saver and/or sleep mode to 1 hour(recommended) or more. If your video does not properly upload, try to edit your video into two parts: EX: Math Part I - Math Part II."
  • In line with its commitment to stay educationally focused, TeacherTube has outlined these two criteria for uploaded videos: 1. address specific learning objectives and/or 2. provide professional development for educators.

  • A new channel dedicated to Student Products is now available. Teachers are encouraged to upload videos made by students or videos highlighting student products here. We all want to see what your students are learning!

  • When creating an account, please notice these two phrases: " - I certify I am over 18 years old. - I agree to the the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy."

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