Monday, April 2, 2007

Comments Feature Updated

TeacherTube community members may have noticed an issue with the video comments feature. At one time each member was limited to just one comment per video. But thanks to Adam, that limitation is now gone! Yea! Members can enter multiple comments for any video now. We hope this will facilitate more two-way communication about the videos--that collegial commentary that helps us learn and improve. And if you don't want your comment posted publicly for all to see under the video, members can click the reply button to reply privately to a specific comment. We continue to encourage community members to give constructive feedback to fellow members via the comments feature and the messaging feature.


Dale Ehrhart said...

Hi guys,

The TeacherTube RSS feed links at don't seem to be working.


Jodie said...


Thanks for letting us know. I was able to get the RSS feeds to work in Google Reader by clicking the RSS icon and then copying the page's URL and pasting this into the Add Subscription box of Google Reader. This also worked for me using RssReader ( on my work computer. Please email Adam ( if it continues to not work for you.