Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Word about Student Product Videos and Support Files

First, let me say thank you to Mrs. Burk, The Rappin Math Teacher, for attaching her rap lyrics as support files to go along with her great videos. Now more kids than ever will be rappin about math and really remembering the facts and formulas! To access support files, look to the right of the video and right click on the file name and Save Target As to download; or you can click directly on the file name and it should open in a browser window.

The support files feature is a great tool for sharing the how and why of our videos. We encourage teachers to upload student product examples to the Student Products channel and to attach supporting files to help other teachers implement this or a similar project. We hope the Student Products channel will not become just a repository for online availability of students' work (TeacherTube has another product for that coming out later this year) but that it would evolve into a way for teachers to peer into each others' classrooms, see evidences of learning, and begin to incorporate some of these successful ideas into their own classrooms. Student Product videos should still meet the two criteria for TeacherTube videos: helping teachers grow professionally in content knowledge and/or instructional strategies, and/or helping students learn a concept or skill. So members, please consider uploading accompanying files to help fellow teachers. Supporting documents might be instructions, learning standards, a student handout, an explanation, or a short paragraph (or podcast) of reflection on the implementation of the lessons leading to the student product.

If you haven't seen this wonderful claymation video added recently by member craigr, then check it out below. (Hoping craigr will upload a support document giving a beginners' claymation how-to.)


Anonymous said...

This video is an excellent example of the creativity of students! I want to see more!

WebsterTechCoord said...

This is an excellent example of student work! I want to see more!