Saturday, April 7, 2007

Download TeacherTube Videos & Upload Flash Files

Today TeacherTube launched a new feature that allows users to download videos from the site. TeacherTube community members can now save a TeacherTube video to his or her computer and not have to worry about band width issues, connection speed, or buffering. It's important to know that the Terms of Use state: "TeacherTube provides the ability to download videos to your computer for personal or classroom educational use only, provided you give a link back to TeacherTube in any presentation, website, or other form of media in which the downloaded video is included."
The new feature is available just below the Channels designation to the right of the video player. Simply click on the video name and choose Save. The video will be downloaded as a Flash file, which makes the download much faster. If you need to convert the file to another format for playing on your computer, try out one of the easy to use online converters such as Zamzar or Vixy or Media-Converter.
Also, in an effort to make the site more friendly to all educational video creators, today TeacherTube enabled the site to accept uploaded Flash video files.
TeacherTube is currently working on other New Features to help make the site more useful to its community members. Please check the blog frequently as all new features and updates will be announced here.


d said...

thanks, this was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

?I am really struggling to download and use these files on my mac
can anyone help????

Jodie said...

We've found that Firefox works best. Also, downloaded files are in flash format. If your mac won't play flash files, you can try converting them to a different file type using a service such as Zamzar.