Wednesday, April 4, 2007

To Make us Think...

TeacherTube members have shared some really thought provoking videos.

One makes us face our "Technology Fear Factor." (Coolcatteacher's video is about to go over 10,000 views!)

While another addresses the fear and answers the question "Why Teach Technology?"

One asks "Did You Know?" to remind us of the implications of globalization.

And another encourages us to "Shake It Up" in light of these world changes.

These are the kinds of videos that shine a light on topics we as educators should be thinking about and having conversation about. I love how the videos themselves are part of the conversation -- both prompts and responses. These videos will shape our beliefs about teaching and learning, and hopefully they will spur us to action.


Southpaw - TeacherTube said...

Such great videos!

In a recent meeting talking about the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, this was an area discussed and stressed: the need for teachers to not only participate in emerging technologies, but to run with it - to take an active role in changing teaching through the use of technology.

Jodie said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. We mentioned your comment at our presentation at Tech Fiesta in San Antonio. Good to know TX has web 2.0 technologies on its educational radar.